Comoros Country Code Area Code City Code Dialing Code Calling Code
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Comoros Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
2693494089MobileMobile Numbering Plan
2696031271Fix LineFixed PSTN
26961501079Fix LineFixed PSTN
2696235756Fix LineFixed PSTN
26965647396MobileMobile Mayotte Telecom Mobiles
2696644726MobileMobile Mayotte Telecom Mobiles
26967290910MobileMobile Mayotte Telecom Mobiles
2696849211MobileMobile Mayotte Telecom Mobiles
269691454MobileMobile Mayotte Telecom Mobiles
269770739Fix LineFixed numbering plan
269715939Fix LineAnjouan Island - Mutsamudu
2697105939Fix LineAnjouan Island - Mutsamudu
2697125939Fix LineAnjouan Island - Mutsamudu
2697135939Fix LineAnjouan Island - Mutsamudu
2697145939Fix LineAnjouan Island - Mutsamudu
2697155939Fix LineAnjouan Island - Mutsamudu
2697165939Fix LineAnjouan Island - Mutsamudu
2697185939Fix LineAnjouan Island - Sima
2697195939Fix LineAnjouan Island - Domoni
269720465455Fix LineMoheli Island - Fomboni
269721465455Fix LineMoheli Island - Fomboni
269722465455Fix LineMoheli Island - Fomboni
269723465455Fix LineMoheli Island - Fomboni
269724465455Fix LineMoheli Island - Fomboni
269725465455Fix LineMoheli Island - Fomboni
269726465455Fix LineMoheli Island - Nioumachoua
269728465455Fix LineMoheli Island - Wanni
2697310424Fix LineGrande Comore Island - Moroni et Cenre de l'Ille
26974250666Fix LineGrande Comore Island - Moroni et Cenre de l'Ille
269766Fix LineInternet et spacial numbers
2697719394Fix LineGrande Comore Island - Mbeni et Est de I'lle
26978358180Fix LineGrande Comore Island - Mitsamiouli et Nord de I'lle
2697923879Fix LineGrande Comore Island - Forumbouni et Sud de I'lle


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