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Czech Republic Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
4201654Fix LineMariánské Lázne
4201664Fix LineCheb
4201684Fix LineSokolov
4201694Fix LineTou?im
4201747066Fix LineKarlovy Vary
420181595861Fix LineRokycany
420182595861Fix LinePlasy
420183595861Fix LineStríbro
420184595861Fix LineTachov
420185595861Fix LineBlovice
420186595861Fix LineKlatovy
420187595861Fix LineSu?ice
420188595861Fix LineHor?ovsk? T?n
420189595861Fix LineDoma?lice
42019412420Fix LinePlzen
4202574454Fix LinePRAHA (PRAGUE)
4202023794Fix LineBrand?s nad Labem
4202033794Fix LineCesk? Brod
4202043794Fix LineRícany u Prahy
4202053794Fix LineKralupy nad Vltavou
4202063794Fix LineMelník
42030126219Fix LineBene?ov u Prahy
42030226219Fix LineVotice
42030326219Fix LineVla?im
42030426219Fix LineSedlcany
42030526219Fix LineDobrí?
42030626219Fix LinePríbram
420311313856Fix LineBeroun
420312313856Fix LineKladno
420313313856Fix LineRakovník
420314313856Fix LineSlan?
420316313856Fix LineHorovice
42032130704Fix LineKolín
42032230704Fix LineCáslav
42032430704Fix LinePodebrady
42032530704Fix LineNymburk
42032630704Fix LineMladá Boleslav
42032730704Fix LineKutná Hora
42032830704Fix LineUhlírské Janovice
42032930704Fix LineMnichovo Hradi?te
4203312Fix LineJindrichuv Hradec
4203322Fix LineDacice
4203332Fix LineTrebon
4203342Fix LineT?n nad Vltavou
4203352Fix LineTrhové Sviny
4203362Fix LineKaplice
4203372Fix LineCesk? Krumlov
4203382Fix LinePrachatice
4203392Fix LineVimperk
42034235189Fix LineStrakonice
42034435189Fix LineBlatná
42035524598Fix LineMost
42036139675Fix LineTábor
42036239675Fix LinePísek
42036339675Fix LineSobeslav
42036439675Fix LineKamenice nad Lipou
42036539675Fix LinePacov
42036639675Fix LinePelhrimov
42036739675Fix LineHumpolec
42036839675Fix LineMilevsko
4203844160Fix LineCeské Budejovice
420395674818Fix LineLouny
420396674818Fix LineChomutov
420397674818Fix Line?atec
420398674818Fix LineKadan
420399674818Fix LinePodborany
4204048645Fix LinePardubice
420411887Fix LineRoudnice nad Labem
420412887Fix LineDecín
420413887Fix LineRumburk
420416887Fix LineLitomerice
420417887Fix LineTeplice
420419887Fix LineLovosice
420424318785Fix LineNov? Bor
420425318785Fix LineCeská Lípa
420427318785Fix LineFr?dlant v Cechách
420428318785Fix LineJablonec nad Nisou
4204315372Fix LineSemily
4204325372Fix LineJilemnice
4204335372Fix LineJicín
4204345372Fix LineNová Paka
4204355372Fix LineHorice v Podkrkono?í
4204365372Fix LineTurnov
4204375372Fix LineDvur Králové nad Labem
4204385372Fix LineVrchlabí
4204395372Fix LineTrutnov
420441115230Fix LineNáchod
420442115230Fix LineJaromer
420443115230Fix LineDobru?ka
420444115230Fix LineKostelec nad Orlicí
420445115230Fix LineRychnov nad Kne?nou
420446115230Fix Line?amberk
420447115230Fix LineBroumov
420448115230Fix LineNov? Byd?ov
4204519857Fix LineHavlíckuv Brod
4204529857Fix LineLedec nad Sázavou
4204539857Fix LineChotebor
4204549857Fix LineHlinsko v Cechách
4204559857Fix LineChrudim
4204569857Fix LineHolice v Cechách
4204579857Fix LinePrelouc
420461496803Fix LineSvitavy
420462496803Fix LineMoravská Trebová
420463496803Fix LinePolicka
420464496803Fix LineLitomy?l
420465496803Fix LineÚstí nad Orlicí
420467496803Fix LineLan?kroun
420468496803Fix LineVysoké M?to
4204714342Fix LineÚstí nad.Labem
42048266347Fix LineLiberec
4204918827Fix LineHradec Králové
4205262340Fix LineBRNO
4205011Fix LineBoskovice
4205021Fix LineRosice u Brna
4205041Fix LineTi?nov
4205051Fix LineBystrice n.Pern?tejnem
4205061Fix LineBlansko
4205071Fix LineVy?kov
4205081Fix LineProstejov
4205091Fix LineNáme?t nad Oslavou
4206011MobileEurotel NMT Mobile
4206021MobileEurotel GSM Mobile
4206031MobileRadioMobile GSM Mobile
4206041MobileRadioMobile GSM Mobile
4206051MobileEurotel GSM Mobile
4206071XPDData Network
42061645738Fix Line?dár nad Sázavou
42061745738Fix LineMoravské Budejovice
42061845738Fix LineTrebíc
42061945738Fix LineVelké Mezirící
420621489905Fix LineMoravsk? Krumlov
420624489905Fix LineZnojmo
420625489905Fix LineMikulov na Morave
420626489905Fix LineHustopece u Brna
420627489905Fix LineBreclav
420628489905Fix LineHodonín
420629489905Fix LineKyjov
420631351563Fix LineVeselí nad Moravou
420632351563Fix LineUherské Hradi?te
420633351563Fix LineUhersk? Brod
420634351563Fix LineKromerí?
420635351563Fix LineHole?ov
420636351563Fix LineVala?ské Klobouky
4206412465Fix LinePrerov
4206422465Fix LineHranice na Morave
4206432465Fix Line?ternberk
4206452465Fix LineJeseník
4206462465Fix LineBruntál
4206472465Fix LineR?marov
4206482465Fix LineZábreh
4206492465Fix Line?umperk
420651218838Fix LineVala?ské Mezirící
420652218838Fix LineKrnov
420653218838Fix LineOpava
420654218838Fix LineVítkov
420655218838Fix LineBílovec
420656218838Fix LineNov? Jicín
420657218838Fix LineVsetín
420658218838Fix LineFr?dek Místek
420659218838Fix LineTrinec
420666950Fix LineJihlava
420670Fix LineZlín
4206811436Fix LineOlomouc
42069318394Fix LineOstrava
42090425398Fix LineVoice Services
4209113014Fix LineVoice Services
42092195773Fix LineVoice Services
42096371133Fix LineVoice Services


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