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Egypt Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
20127232218MobileMobile Mobinil Company
201336840Fix LineBenha
201541325Fix Line10th of Ramdan
2016280709Fix LineSacheia
2018784418Fix LineBadrasheen
20225615Fix LineCairo
20230039034Fix LineEl Mohandsen
2026415280Fix LineNasr City
2026540000540190Fix LineEl Mataria
2026550999540190Fix LineEl Mataria
2026976498Fix LineSheraton El Matar
2026950176498Fix LineSheraton El Matar
2026950276498Fix LineSheraton El Matar
2026950376498Fix LineSheraton El Matar
2026950476498Fix LineSheraton El Matar
2026950576498Fix LineSheraton El Matar
2026950676498Fix LineSheraton El Matar
2026950776498Fix LineSheraton El Matar
2026950876498Fix LineSheraton El Matar
2026950976498Fix LineSheraton El Matar
20279914Fix LineKerdasa
20279924Fix LineKerdasa
20279934Fix LineKerdasa
20279944Fix LineKerdasa
2028414600240524Fix LineAtfeeh
2028416599240524Fix LineAtfeeh
2028442500240524Fix LineTal Menya
2028442913240524Fix LineTal Menya
20286630003Fix LineElkbabat
20286649993Fix LineElkbabat
2028830000414613Fix LineElnozha
203233579Fix LineMaeria
204047388Fix LineTanta
204000020265Fix LineCairo
2040100507556Fix LineCairo
204020024750Fix LineCairo
2040300230977Fix LineCairo
204040029235Fix LineCairo
204041029235Fix LineCairo
204042029235Fix LineCairo
204043029235Fix LineCairo
204044029235Fix LineCairo
204045029235Fix LineCairo
204046029235Fix LineCairo
204047029235Fix LineCairo
204048129235Fix LineCairo
204048229235Fix LineCairo
204048329235Fix LineCairo
204048429235Fix LineCairo
204048529235Fix LineCairo
204048629235Fix LineCairo
204048729235Fix LineCairo
20434116Fix LineEl Mahallah / Mahalah El Kobra
20458601Fix LineDamanhour
204660851Fix LineMarsa Matrouh
204713086Fix LineKafer El Sheik
2048391970Fix LineShebin El Kom
204917571Fix LineSadat City
2050139632Fix LineEl Mansoura
205735511Fix LineDamietta
2062677068Fix LineSuez
2062300562800Fix LineSuez
2062301562800Fix LineSuez
2062317562800Fix LineSuez
2062318562800Fix LineSuez
2062319562800Fix LineSuez
20641209Fix LineIsmaillia
2065320707Fix LineHurgada
20665694Fix LineEl Gameel
206810179Fix LineEl Arish
207270443573Fix LineEl Maadi
207270453573Fix LineEl Maadi
207270463573Fix LineEl Maadi
207270473573Fix LineEl Maadi
207270483573Fix LineEl Maadi
207270493573Fix LineEl Maadi
207270553573Fix LineEl Maadi
207270563573Fix LineEl Maadi
207270573573Fix LineEl Maadi
207270583573Fix LineEl Maadi
208241574Fix LineBeni Suef
208446059Fix LineFayoum
2086353815Fix LineEl Minya
208642364798Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088220118Fix LineAssuit
20882901165Fix LineAssuit
20882911165Fix LineAssuit
2088541405252Fix LineMosha
2088542405252Fix LineMosha
2088560000405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560100405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560200405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560300405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560400405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560500405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560501405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560502405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560503405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560504405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560505405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560506405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560507405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560508405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560509405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560510405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2088560511405252Fix LineKom Abu Sheel
2092320000Fix LineOases
209316242Fix LineSohag
209520727Fix LineLuxor
209536210385Fix LineLuxor (E)
209536310385Fix LineLuxor (E)
209536410385Fix LineLuxor (E)
209536510385Fix LineLuxor (E)
209536610385Fix LineLuxor (E)
209536710385Fix LineLuxor (E)
209536810385Fix LineLuxor (E)
209536910385Fix LineLuxor (E)
20953710385Fix LineLuxor (E)
20953810385Fix LineLuxor (E)
2096510797Fix LineOena
20962800322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962801322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962802322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962803322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962804322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962805322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962806322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962807322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962808322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962809322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962810322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962811322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962812322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962813322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962814322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
20962815322276Fix LineAbu Shosha
209725212Fix LineAswan


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