Guadeloupe Country Code Area Code City Code Dialing Code Calling Code
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Guadeloupe Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
59059000450011Fix LineFixed
59059001450011Fix LineFixed
59059002450011Fix LineFixed
59059003450011Fix LineFixed
59059004450011Fix LineFixed
59059005450011Fix LineFixed
59059006450011Fix LineFixed
59059007450011Fix LineFixed
59059008450011Fix LineFixed
59059009450011Fix LineFixed
59059010450011Fix LineFixed
59059011450011Fix LineFixed
59059012450011Fix LineFixed
59059013450011Fix LineFixed
59059014450011Fix LineFixed
59059015450011Fix LineFixed
59059016450011Fix LineFixed
59059017450011Fix LineFixed
59059018450011Fix LineFixed
59059019450011Fix LineFixed
59059030450011Fix LineFixed
59059032450011Fix LineGeographic France Telecom
59059038450011Fix LineGeographic France Telecom
59059040450011Fix LineFixed
59059041450011Fix LineGeographic France Telecom
59059046450011Fix LineFixed
59059047450011Fix LineGeographic France Telecom
59059048450011Fix LineGeographic France Telecom
59059051450011Fix LineGeographic France Telecom
59059052450011Fix LineGeographic France Telecom
59059060450011Fix LineGeographic France Telecom
59059068450011Fix LineGeographic France Telecom
5905908450011Fix LineFixed
5905909450011Fix LineFixed
59069031520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobiles
59069033520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobiles
59069034520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobiles
59069035520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobiles
59069036520274MobileGSM Bouygues Telecom
59069037520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobiles
59069039520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobiles
59069042520274MobileGSM Bouygues Telecom
59069043520274MobileGSM Bouygues Telecom
59069044520274MobileGSM Bouygues Telecom
59069045520274MobileGSM Bouygues Telecom
59069049520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
5906905520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069061520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069062520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069063520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069064520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069065520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069066520274MobileDECT Dauphin Telecom (St. Martin)
59069067520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069069520274MobileGSM Bouygues Telecom
590690700520274Fix LineFixed
590690701520274Fix LineFixed
590690702520274Fix LineFixed
590690703520274Fix LineFixed
590690704520274Fix LineFixed
59069071520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069072520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069073520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069074520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069075520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069076520274MobileGSM France Caraibes Mobile
59069077520274Fix LineFixed
59069078520274Fix LineFixed
59069079520274Fix LineFixed


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