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Philippines Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
632179812Fix LineManilla
63222949945Fix LineMETRO MANILA (NCR)
63264444132Fix LineANTIPOLO / TERESA Rizal
63264844132Fix LineANGONO Rizal
63264944132Fix LineRODRIGUEZ / SAN MATEO Rizal
63266548617Fix LineTAYTAY RIZAL (PT&T)
632673859Fix LineBINANGONAN Rizal
632674859Fix LineTANAY / MORONG Rizal
632675859Fix LineSAN MATEO Rizal
632676859Fix LineCAINTA Rizal
632677859Fix LineCAINTA Rizal
632678859Fix LineCAINTA Rizal
632679859Fix LineTAYTAY Rizal
6326945344Fix LineSAN PEDRO Laguna (PT&T)
6326985344Fix LineSAN PEDRO Laguna
6326995344Fix LineSAN PEDRO Laguna
63322091445188Fix LineBOGO Cebu
63322094445188Fix LineCEBU Cebu
63322097445188Fix LineMANDAUE Cebu
63322098445188Fix LineMACTAN Cebu
63322099445188Fix LineCEBU Cebu
63332194483120Fix LineILOILO Iloilo
63332199483120Fix LineILOILO Iloilo
63343091499043Fix LineSAN CARLOS Negros Occidental
63343094499043Fix LineBACOLOD CITY Negros Occidental
63343099499043Fix LineBACOLOD CITY Negros Occidental
6335209241474Fix LineGUIHULNGAN Negros Oriental
6335209441474Fix LineDUMAGUETE Negros Oriental
6335209941474Fix LineDUMAGUETE Negros Oriental
63362093191700Fix LineROAS Roas
63362094191700Fix LineKALIBO Aklan
63362095191700Fix LineSAN JOSE Antique
63362099191700Fix LineBORACAY ISLAND Malay Aklan
633820948750Fix LineTAGBILARAN Bohol
633820998750Fix LineTAGBILARAN Bohol
634220928Fix LineSTA. CRUZ Marinduque
634220938Fix LineTAPIAN Marinduque
634220948Fix LineBALER Aurora
634220958Fix LineROMBLON Romblon
634220968Fix LineODIONGAN Romblon
634220988Fix LineLUCENA Quezon
634220998Fix LineBALER Aurora
634227028Fix LineDOLORES Quezon as of 27-01-2001
634227038Fix LineTIAONG Quezon as of 27-01-2001
634227048Fix LineTIAONG Quezon as of 27-01-2001
634227058Fix LineCANDELARIA Quezon as of 27-01-2001
634227068Fix LineCANDELARIA Quezon as of 27-01-2001
634227078Fix LineCANDELARIA Quezon as of 27-01-2001
6342270808Fix LineSAN ANTONIO Quezon as of 27-01-2001
6342270818Fix LineSAN ANTONIO Quezon as of 27-01-2001
6342270828Fix LineSAN ANTONIO Quezon as of 27-01-2001
6342270838Fix LineSAN ANTONIO Quezon as of 27-01-2001
6342270848Fix LineSAN ANTONIO Quezon as of 27-01-2001
6343219220877Fix LineSAN JOSE Mindoro
6343219320877Fix LineCALAPAN Mindoro
6343219420877Fix LineBATANGAS Batangas
6343219520877Fix LineLIPA Batangas
6343219920877Fix LineBATANGAS Batangas
6344209443302Fix LineCABANATUAN Nueva Ecija
63452092460097Fix LineANGELES Pampanga
63452093460097Fix LineSAN FERNANDO Pampanga
63452096460097Fix LineTARLAC Tarlac
63452099460097Fix LineANGELES Pampanga
6346219528926Fix LineCAVITE EPZA CAVITE
6347209410578Fix LineOLONGAPO Zambales
6347209510578Fix LineLIMAY Bataan
6347209910578Fix LineOLONGAPO Zambales
6348209233003Fix LinePALAWAN
63492092221724Fix LineCALAMBA Laguna
63492093221724Fix LineSAN PABLO Laguna
63492094221724Fix LineLOS BANOS Laguna
63492099221724Fix LineLOS BANOS Laguna
6349231221724Fix LineALAMINOS Laguna
6349232221724Fix LineRIZAL Laguna
6349233221724Fix LineNAGCARLAN Laguna
6349234221724Fix LineLILIW Laguna
6349240221724Fix LineBAY Laguna
6349241221724Fix LineBIÑAN Laguna
6349242221724Fix LineBIÑAN Laguna
6349243221724Fix LineCABUYAO Laguna
6349244221724Fix LineCALAMBA Laguna
6349245221724Fix LineCALAMBA Laguna
6349246221724Fix LineSAN PABLO / ALAMINOS /   NAGCARLAN Laguna
6349247221724Fix LineSTA ROSA Laguna
6349248221724Fix LineCALAUAN Laguna
6349249221724Fix LineLOS BANOS Laguna
6349250221724Fix LineVICTORIA Laguna
6349251221724Fix LinePILA Laguna
6349252221724Fix LineSTA. CRUZ / PILA Laguna
6349253221724Fix LinePAETE Laguna
6349254221724Fix LineLUMBAN Laguna
6349255221724Fix LineMAGDALENA Laguna
6349256221724Fix LineCAVINTI Laguna
6349257221724Fix LineLUISIANA Laguna
6349258221724Fix LineMAJAYJAY Laguna
6349262221724Fix LinePAETE Laguna
6349263221724Fix LineKALAYAAN Laguna
6349264221724Fix LinePAKIL Laguna
6349265221724Fix LinePANGIL Laguna
6349266221724Fix LineSINILOAN Laguna
6349267221724Fix LineMABITAC Laguna
6349268221724Fix LineFAMY Laguna
6349269221724Fix LineSTA. MARIA Laguna
6352209222705Fix LineTABACO Albay
6352209322705Fix LineDARAGA Albay
6352209422705Fix LineLEGAZPI Albay
6352209522705Fix LineVIRAC Catanduanes
6352209922705Fix LineLEGAZPI Albay
6353209245130Fix LineORMOC Leyte
6353209345130Fix LineMAASIN Leyte
6353209445130Fix LineTACLOBAN Leyte
6353209945130Fix LineTACLOBAN Leyte
63542092135117Fix LineNAGA Camarines Sur
63542093135117Fix LineDAET Camarines Sur
63542094135117Fix LineIRIGA Camarines Sur
63542099135117Fix LineNAGA Camarines Sur
6355219389988Fix LineBORONGAN Eastern Samar
6355219489988Fix LineCATARMAN Northern Samar
6355219989988Fix LineCATARMAN Northern Samar
6356209312406Fix LineMASBATE Masbate
6356209412406Fix LineSORSOGON Sorsogon
6356209912406Fix LineSORSOGON Sorsogon
6362209346958Fix LineISABELA Basilan
6362209446958Fix LineZAMBOANGA Zamboanga
6362209646958Fix LinePAGADIAN CITY Zamboanga del Sur
6362209746958Fix LineIPIL Zamboanga del Sur
6362209946958Fix LineZAMBOANGA Zamboanga
6362229346958Fix LinePAGADIAN CITY Zamboanga del Sur
6363209346921Fix LineILIGAN Lanao del Norte
63642091459046Fix LineMIDSAYAP North Cotabato
63642092459046Fix LineISULAN Sultan Kudarat
63642093459046Fix LineKABACAN North Cotabato
63642094459046Fix LineKIDAPAWAN North Cotabato
63642095459046Fix LineTACURONG North Cotabato
63642096459046Fix LineLEBAK Sultan Kudarat
63642097459046Fix LinePIKIT North Cotabato
63642099459046Fix LineCOTABATO North Cotabato
636520914234Fix LineDIPOLOG Zamboanga del Norte
63682094163026Fix LineBONGAO Tawi-Tawi
63682098163026Fix LineJOLO Sulu
63682099163026Fix LineBONGAO Tawi-Tawi
637220926Fix LineSAN FERNANDO La Union
637220936Fix LineAGOO La Union
6374249216062Fix LinePHILE Benguet
6374249316062Fix LineLA TRINIDAD Benguet
6374249416062Fix LineBAGUIO City
6374249516062Fix LineTABUK Bulanao
6374249916062Fix LineBAGUIO City
6375209438487Fix LineDAGUPAN Pangasinan
6375209938487Fix LineURDANETA Pangasinan
63772193500027Fix LineLAOAG Ilocos Norte
63772194500027Fix LineVIGAN Ilocos Sur
637825925763Fix LineSANTIAGO Isabela
637825935763Fix LineCAUAYAN Isabela
637825945763Fix LineILAGAN Isabela
637825955763Fix LineTUGUEGARAO Cagayan Valley
637825965763Fix LineAPARRI Cagayan
6382309147707Fix LineDAVAO Davao
6382309247707Fix LineLANANG Davao
6382309347707Fix LineDIGOS Davao del Sur
6382309447707Fix LineDAVAO Davao
6382309947707Fix LineDAVAO Davao
6383209417889Fix LineMARBEL South Cotabato
6383209617889Fix LinePOLOMOLOK South Cotabato
6383209717889Fix LineMAKAR Gen. Santos
6383209917889Fix LineMARBEL South Cotabato
6384209240315Fix LineTAGUM Davao del Norte
6384209440315Fix LineNABUNTURAN Davao del Norte
6384209940315Fix LineNABUNTURAN Davao del Norte
6385209462744Fix LineBUTUAN Agusan del Norte
6385209562744Fix LineSAN FRANCISCO Agusan del Sur
6385209762744Fix LineBAYUGAN Agusan del Sur
6385209962744Fix LineBUTUAN Agusan del Norte
6386209285169Fix LineTANDAG Surigao del Sur
6386209385169Fix LineMANGAGOY Surigao del Sur
6386209485169Fix LineSURIGAO Surigao del Norte
6386209985169Fix LineSURIGAO Surigao del Norte
6388229130016Fix LineGINGOOG CITY Misamis Oriental
6388229230016Fix LineMALAYBALAY Bukidnon
6388229330016Fix LineVALENCIA Bukidnon
6388229430016Fix LineCAGAYAN DE ORO Misamis Oriental
6388229530016Fix LineOZAMIS Misamis Occidental
6388229630016Fix LineOROQUIETA Misamis Occidental
6388229730016Fix LineCAGAYAN DE ORO Misamis Oriental
6388229930016Fix LineCAGAYAN DE ORO Misamis Oriental
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639231MobileDIGITEL Mobile


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