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Qatar Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
9741121127XESEmergency Services
974124522094XVMVoice Mail & SMS
974286Fix LineMATS
9744137128Fix LineMATS
9744289375Fix LineMATS
9744341613Fix LineMATS
97443041613Fix LineDoha Central (DC3)
97443141613Fix LineDoha Central (DC1)
97443241613Fix LineDoha Central (DC2)
97443341613Fix LineDoha Central (DC1)
97443441613Fix LineDoha Central (DC2)
97443541613Fix LineDoha Central (DC3)
97443641613Fix LineDoha Central (DC2)
97443741613Fix LineDoha Central (DC3)
97443841613Fix LineDoha Central (DC3)
97444563138Fix LineMATS
974440563138Fix LineDoha Central (DC3)
974441563138Fix LineDoha Central (DC1)
974442563138Fix LineDoha Central (DC2)
974443563138Fix LineDoha Central (DC1)
9744431599563138Fix LinePSTN Testnummer
9744432599563138Fix LinePSTN Testnummer
974444563138Fix LineDoha Central (DC2)
974445563138Fix LineDoha Central (DC1)
974446563138Fix LineIndustrial (IEC)
974447563138Fix LineDoha Central (DC2)
974449563138Fix LineDoha Central (DC1)
9744546098Fix LineMATS
97446196683Fix LineMATS
974460196683Fix LineIndustrial (IEC)
974461196683Fix LineIndustrial (IEC)
974462196683Fix LineAirport (APC)
974463196683Fix LineRayyan (RYC)
974464196683Fix LineWakrah (WKSC)
974465196683Fix LineAirport (APC)
974466196683Fix LineAirport (APC)
974467196683Fix LineAirport (APC)
974468196683Fix LineIndustrial (IEC)
974469196683Fix LineIndustrial (IEC)
97447252915Fix LineMATS
974471252915Fix LineRayyan (RYC)
974472252915Fix LineKhuratiyat (KRC)
974473252915Fix LineDoha Central (DC3)
974474252915Fix LineDoha Central (DC1)
974475252915Fix LineWest Bay (WBC)
974477252915Fix LineWakrah (WKSC)
974478252915Fix LineKhuratiyat (KRC)
974479252915Fix LineKhuratiyat (KRC)
974482826Fix LineMATS
9744802826Fix LineRayyan (RYC)
9744812826Fix LineRayyan (RYC)
9744822826Fix LineRayyan (RYC)
9744832826Fix LineWest Bay (WBC)
9744852826Fix LineDoha Central (DC1)
9744862826Fix LineKhalifa Town (KTC)
9744872826Fix LineKhalifa Town (KTC)
9744882826Fix LineKhalifa Town (KTC)
9744892826Fix LineKhalifa Town (KTC)
9744955072Fix LineMATS
974507311MobileMobile GSM
9745211796MobileMobile GSM
97453192116MobileMobile GSM
9745416281MobileMobile GSM
97455548189MobileMobile GSM
9745620766MobileMobile GSM
9745825251MobileMobile GSM
974593Fix LineFixed Telephone Cellular
97459383MobileMobile GSM
97459393MobileMobile GSM
97490097012XATAudio text Services


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