Romania Country Code Area Code City Code Dialing Code Calling Code
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Romania Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
402139843Fix LineBUCHAREST
402300Fix LineSUCEAVA
4023141905Fix LineBOTOSANI
40232470744Fix LineIASI
4023346390Fix LineNEAMT
4023498640Fix LineBACAU
40235203504Fix LineVASLUI
402363118Fix LineGALATI
402378Fix LineVRANCEA
402387603Fix LineBUZAU
40239359079Fix LineBRAILA
4024012088Fix LineTULCEA
40241128668Fix LineCONSTANTA
4024216573Fix LineCALARASI
40243481713Fix LineIALOMITA
4024421058Fix LinePRAHOVA
40245293208Fix LineDAMBOVITA
4024625543Fix LineGIURGIU
402478Fix LineTELEORMAN
4024830028Fix LineARGES
40249411358Fix LineOLT
4025034513Fix LineVALCEA
4025186762Fix LineDOLJ
4025238999Fix LineMEHEDINTI
40253638688Fix LineGORJ
4025443484Fix LineHUNEDOARA
40255287182Fix LineCARAS-SEVERIN
4025647969Fix LineTIMIS
40257211Fix LineARAD
40258104913Fix LineALBA
402594696Fix LineBIHOR
40260398573Fix LineSALAJ
402619181Fix LineSATU MARE
40262184275Fix LineMARAMURES
4026313666Fix LineBISTRITA
402647Fix LineCLUJ
4026518151Fix LineMURES
40266351971Fix LineHARGHITA
4026722636Fix LineCOVASNA
4026874884Fix LineBRASOV
4026927122Fix LineSIBIU
40724212MobileMobile Mobifon
4072140746MobileMobile Mobifon
40722278972MobileMobile Mobifon
4072345231MobileMobile Mobifon
40724779787MobileMobile Mobifon
40748697MobileMobile Orange
4074033354MobileMobile Orange
4074237839MobileMobile Orange
4074442324MobileMobile Orange
4074594566MobileMobile Orange
407613182MobileMobile Cosmorom
40766183326MobileMobile Cosmorom
407817667MobileMobile Telemobil
4078840995MobileMobile Telemobil


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