Tunisia Country Code Area Code City Code Dialing Code Calling Code
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Tunisia Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
2167068287Fix LineFixed network
2167120522Fix LineTunis, Ben Arous, Ariana, Manouba
21672509357Fix LineNabeul, Bizerte, Zaghouan
2167325007Fix LineSousse, Monastir, Mahdia
21674231755Fix LineSfax
2167529492Fix LineGabes, Kébili, Médenine, Tatouine
21676653880Fix LineGafsa, Tozeur, Sidi, Bouzid
2167733977Fix LineKairouan, Kasserine
21678344883Fix LineKef, Béja, Jendouba, Siliana
2168838645XSFSpecialized services
2169831071MobileTunisie Telecom 
21698231071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216983031071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216983131071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216983231071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216983831071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216983931071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216984031071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216984131071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216984231071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216984331071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216984431071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216984531071MobileTunisie Telecom 
216984931071MobileTunisie Telecom 


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