Yemen Arab Republic Country Code Area Code City Code Dialing Code Calling Code
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Yemen Arab Republic Country Code Dialing Code Area Code City Code Calling Code

The international country codes, City Code, Area Code or Dialing Code listed on this table are provided "as it is". We DO NOT guarantee all information on this table are correct and updated. We use randomly generated hidden text to prevent illegal copy. Please discard the hidden text when you refer this table.

Code Subcode Description
9672374331Fix LineAden
96720140533Fix LineSanaa
9672122505Fix LineSanaa
96721822505Fix LineAl Masan'a
96722523238Fix LineSanaa
967220523238Fix LineHajjah
967221523238Fix LineHajjah
967222523238Fix LineHajjah
967223523238Fix LineHajjah
967224523238Fix LineHajjah
967227523238Fix LineMabyan/Hajjah
967228523238Fix LineRaidah
967229523238Fix LineAmran
9672326990Fix LineSanaa
96723226990Fix LineAl Mehabsheh
96723526990Fix LineAl Shahil ( Hajjah )
96724237705Fix LineSanaa
967242237705Fix LineAbbs
967245237705Fix LineHaradh
9672531475Fix LineSanaa
967260Fix LineSanaa
9672690Fix LineShabwah (rural comms)
9672735960Fix LineSanaa
96728441019Fix LineSanaa
9672940445Fix LineSanaa
967314630Fix LineGhale Bawazeer/Baroom
9673092695Fix LineSanaa
96730092695Fix LineAl Torba
96730192695Fix LineAl Torba
96730292695Fix LineTaiz
96731044931Fix LineAl Marawah
96731144931Fix LineAl Marawah
96731344931Fix LineAl Rahdeh
96732680213Fix LineSanaa
967320680213Fix LineMansoriah
967324680213Fix LineDemnat Khadeer
9673349416Fix LineSanaa
96733049416Fix LineMa'areb /Safir
96733149416Fix LineBait Al Fakih
96733249416Fix LineBait Al Fakih
96733349416Fix LineHajdah
967341658Fix LineAl Rawdhah
9673411658Fix LineZabeed
9673421658Fix LineAl Jarrahi
9673491658Fix LineAl qaryeh
96735323409Fix LineMansora
967350323409Fix LineSanaa
967353323409Fix LineSanaa
967355323409Fix LineAl barh
967366143Fix LineMukalla
9673606143Fix LineBani Hushaish
9673616143Fix LineSanaa
9673626143Fix LineAl Khokhah
96737116778Fix LineSanaa
967370116778Fix LineDhela'a
967371116778Fix LineBayhan
967372116778Fix LineBayhan
967376116778Fix LineDhela'a
967377116778Fix LineDhela'a
967378116778Fix LineDhela'a
967379116778Fix LineAl qaryeh
9673810628Fix LineShiakh Othman
96738010628Fix LineAl Joabah
96738510628Fix LineMukalla
96739440098Fix LineShiakh Othman
967393440098Fix LineMisbah
967395440098Fix LineAl Jabeen
9674015113Fix LineSanaa
96740215113Fix LineAl Mahweet
96740315113Fix LineAl Mahweet
96740415113Fix LineAl Mahweet
96741202073Fix LineHaddah
9674219598Fix LineHaddah
967438Fix LineSayoun
9674308Fix LineBa'adan
9674318Fix LineAl She'er
9674328Fix LineAl Odain
9674338Fix LineHubaish
9674388Fix LineSayoun
9674398Fix LineMa'aber
9674424083Fix LineHaddah
96744024083Fix LineAlkhash'a/Hadhrmout
96745381633Fix LineAl Qatan
967456381633Fix LineTawilah/Kokaban/Thola
9674628568Fix LineManakha
96746228568Fix LineHababah
9674780817Fix LineSanaa
96747080817Fix LineUtumah
9674833054Fix LineIbb
96748633054Fix LineAlabr/Hadhrmout
9675037539Fix LineSanaa
96750037539Fix LineHammam Damt
96750137539Fix LineBajil
96750237539Fix LineAl Qadan
96750337539Fix LineYareem
96750437539Fix LineYareem
96750837539Fix LineHuraidhah
96751269347Fix LineSaber (Lahj)
96752142024Fix LineSa'adah
96753754136Fix LineDhale'a
967530754136Fix LineDhahyan & Talh
967531754136Fix LineSa'adah
967532754136Fix LineZaidiah
967535754136Fix LineAl Dhahi
967537754136Fix LineAl Qanawes
967538754136Fix LineAl Qanawes
9675446509Fix LineAlbaidha
96754046509Fix LineSanaa
96754146509Fix LineSanaa
96754246509Fix LineSanaa
96754346509Fix LineSanaa
96754446509Fix LineTour Albaha (Lahj)
96755395007Fix LineRadaa
967550395007Fix LineKa'ataba / Dhale'a
967555395007Fix LineDamt / Dhale'a
96756356958Fix LineSanaa
967560356958Fix LineAl Qanawes
967561356958Fix LineJuban
967573236Fix LineAl Qanawes
9675703236Fix LineMukearas
9675723236Fix LineAl habilain (Lahj)
9675733236Fix LineLouder
96758166441PAGYemen Paging
9675927721Fix LineModiah
967607Fix LineSanaa
9676017Fix LineAmran
9676027Fix LineAmran
9676037Fix LineAmran
9676112206Fix LineSanaa
96761112206Fix LineAl Ghaidhah
96761212206Fix LineAl Ghaidhah
96761512206Fix LineKhamer
96761612206Fix LineKhamer
96762322247Fix LineSanaa
967625322247Fix LineHooth
9676468939Fix LineBait Al Jackey
967660440514Fix LineJehana/Kholan
9676725662Fix LineSanaa
96770659119Fix LineSanaa
967700659119Fix LineSanaa
967701659119Fix LineSanaa
9677134632MobileYemen GSM "Sabafone"
96772347498Fix LineAden
967720347498Fix LineTaiz
9677339117MobileYemen GSM "`Space Tel."
9677543602Fix LineSanaa
967790262861MobileYemen Mobile
967791262861MobileYemen Mobile
967792262861MobileYemen Mobile
967794262861MobileYemen Mobile
967795262861MobileYemen Mobile
967796262861MobileYemen Mobile
967797262861MobileYemen Mobile
96781057061Fix LineSanaa / rural communications
96781157061Fix LineSanaa / rural communications
967830369260Fix LineHodaidah/rural comms.
967832369260Fix LineHodaidah/rural comms.
96784013785Fix LineAden ( Rural Comms )
96784113785Fix LineTaiz/rural communications
96784413785Fix LineIbb/rural communications
96784513785Fix LineYareem/rural comms.
967850198083Fix LineLahj ( Rural Comms. )
967853198083Fix LineLahj ( Rural Comms. )
96786018270Fix LineAl Baidha/rural comms.
96786118270Fix LineDhamar/rural comms.
96786218270Fix LineRadaa/rural comms.
96786318270Fix LineAl Baidha/rural comms.
96786618270Fix LineDhamar/rural comms.
967871564102Fix LineHajjah/rural comms.
967874564102Fix LineAl Mahweet/rural Comm.
967875564102Fix LineSa'adah /rural comms.
967928085Fix LineSoqatrah


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