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Call From Celluar Phone - Cancel Long Distance Plan


Why call from your mobile phone?

An enormous amount of customers use cell phones, sometimes called mobile phones. In the United States, celluar phone service providers usually provide bulk or unlimited weekend and night long distance free minutes. If you have such a celluar phone plan, you should take advantage of it. You can use your mobile phone to call our phone card local access numbers from your mobile phone during your free minutes time.

Why make international long distance call from local access numbers?

Local access number reduces long distance operation cost so basically you can get lower rate and more minutes.

Canncel your international long distance plan

eCallChina STRONGLY recommends our customers to cancel your phone's international long distance plan. You are advised to check your cell phone and/or home phone plans to ensure that you have no international long distance service. Sometimes this service is added to customers' calling plans without their knowledge. If you have such a plan, we recommend that you cancel it. Charges by wireless and land-based phone service providers for overseas long distance calls can be unreasonably high. eCallChina can take no responsibility for the calls go through your long distance plan without using our phone card, or fail to use our phone card properly. Cancel your international long distance plan can protect you from such kind of mistake. We remind our customers cancel overseas long distance calling plans that may result in unexpectedly high charges. Rely instead on the local and 800 numbers provided to eCallChina's phone card customers.

We take no responsibility

The determination of which calls are local is based on the standard residential service for your area or your celluar phone plan. You must contact your residential phone company or your celluar phone company to clarify the category of questionable calls and to verify the charges on all calls to local access numbers. eCallChina is NOT responsible for any toll charges you may incur while using the local access numbers.



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Call from local access numbers to get more minutes and lower rates!


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