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It is a Green Phone Card 5-star quality Massachusetts Phone Card Since 4/22/2004
Massachusetts Calling Card -Nation-wide local#
-Best rate call Asia
-Best China phone card
-No any hidden charge
-Reliable Service

 Calling Rates & Details
Call Local Number Toll Free
China 1.7¢/675min 4.6¢/250min
Hong Kong 2.3¢/500min 5.2¢/222min
Taiwan 2.3¢/500min 5.2¢/222min
USA 3.3¢/350min 6.2¢/186min
Costa Rica 35.2¢/33min 38.7¢/30min
1 Card
2 Cards
3 Cards
4 Cards
5 Cards

Access Numbers Toll Free Numbers
1-800-397-4951(English); 1-800-316-1124 (Chinese)

International Call Back Access Numbers:
Canada-Alberta Canada-British Columbia Canada-Ontario

Local Access Number

List by State/Province Name: Alberta | British Columbia | Ontario | Quebec |

List by Area Code: 250 | 289 | 403 | 418 | 514 | 519 | 604 | 613 | 647 | 705 | 780 | 819 | 905 |

Cannot find a local access number in your area? This card will be still good for you:
1. you can Call from Mobile Phone (Cellular Phone) to our local access numbers, if you have a cellular phone plan with bulk or unlimited weekend and night long distance free minutes. Please check the page for the things you MUST KNOW for calling from your cell phone!
2. You can use our toll free numbers listed above to connect your call. Toll free numbers are usually nation-wide available, but some toll free numbers may not be called from Alaska and Hawaii while some toll free numbers even can be called from Canada.

About the Card
Maintainence Fee: No any hidden charge
Connection Fee: No
Rounding: 1 minute
Payphone Charge: $0.99
Expiration Date: 90 days after the first usage
Rechargeable: No
Pinless: No
Dialing Instruction
IMPORTANT: When calling from a cell phone using a phone card,
DO NOT press "Send" or "Talk" key after entering your destination phone number.
We STRONGLY recommend our customers to cancel international service with your cellular phone carrier before placing calls through calling card service.
1.Dial Access Number
2.Enter your PIN number
3.To call the North America:
Enter 1 + area code + tele No. To call other country:
Enter 011 + country code + city code + tele number
Pinless Instruction This card does not support pinless calling.
Recharge Instruction This card is not rechargeable.
Customer Service
We answer every question promptly.
Notice International calls to mobile numbers may be charged a higher rate, unless it is otherwise indicated. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Mobile phone users who have unlimited night and weekend long distance minutes can save money by using nationwide local access numbers.
Others We are not responsible for minutes lost due to pay phone surcharges. Note that the following are sometimes subject to payphone surcharges: school dormitory phones; office phones; phones in hotels, motels, and inns. Cellular phone calling toll free numbers could be identified as pay phone call. Mobile phone users with unlimited weekend and night long distance minutes are strongly recommended to call LOCAL access numbers (only LOCAL) to get more minutes and lower rates.
Other Information ATTENTION: This card's calling rates are ONLY attractive if you can call from local access numbers. Please make sure this card's local access numbers are available in your area before placing this order.  
Rates Rates are various when calling from different access numbers (local access number vs toll free access number) to diffrent countries/areas. International calls to mobile numbers may be charged a higher rate, unless it is otherwise indicated. Please check rate table for details. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice.
Rates call from USA

Rate Table for Calling from USA
Call FromCall ToLocal MinutesLocal RateToll Free MinutesToll Free Rate
USACosta Rica3335.2¢3038.7¢
USAEl Salvador2058.0¢1961.1¢
USAHong Kong5002.3¢2225.2¢
USAHong Kong-Mobile5002.3¢2225.2¢
USAKorea South1507.7¢10910.6¢
USAUk (area code 1,2 only)2504.6¢1537.6¢



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