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It is a Green Phone Card 5-star quality Global Mind Phone Card Since 11/18/2008
Global Mind Calling Card -Total Clean Phone Card
-Support Pinless Calling
-High Quality
-Easy Connection

 Calling Rates & Details
Call Local Number Toll Free
England min min
China min min
France min min
Germany min min
Israel min min
1 Card
2 Cards
3 Cards
4 Cards
5 Cards

Access Numbers Toll Free Numbers
888-869-8144 (support pinless calling)
888-869-8141 (does not support pinless calling)
Default language English; for Chinese prompt by pressing *8, *1 Spanish, *2 Bulgarian, *3 Polish, *4 Tagalog, *5 Portuguese, *6 Russian, *7 Romanian, *9 Arabic

International Call Back Access Numbers:
AUSTRIA- BELGIUM- Canada-Alberta
Canada-British Columbia Canada-Manitoba Canada-Newfoundland
CANADA-Nova Scotia Canada-Ontario Canada-Quebec

Local Access Number

List by State/Province Name: Alabama | Alberta | Arizona | British Columbia | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia | Florida | Georgia | Illinois | Indiana | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Manitoba | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | Newfoundland | North Carolina | Nova Scotia | Ohio | Oklahoma | Ontario | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Quebec | Rhode Island | South Carolina | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin |

List by Area Code: 201 | 202 | 203 | 204 | 205 | 206 | 210 | 213 | 214 | 215 | 216 | 219 | 224 | 225 | 231 | 234 | 240 | 248 | 250 | 251 | 253 | 256 | 262 | 267 | 269 | 270 | 281 | 301 | 302 | 303 | 305 | 310 | 312 | 313 | 314 | 315 | 317 | 320 | 321 | 323 | 330 | 336 | 339 | 347 | 360 | 361 | 386 | 401 | 402 | 403 | 404 | 405 | 407 | 408 | 409 | 410 | 412 | 414 | 415 | 418 | 419 | 425 | 434 | 435 | 440 | 443 | 469 | 484 | 502 | 503 | 504 | 505 | 508 | 509 | 510 | 512 | 513 | 514 | 516 | 517 | 518 | 519 | 520 | 530 | 540 | 541 | 559 | 561 | 562 | 567 | 571 | 573 | 580 | 585 | 586 | 602 | 603 | 607 | 609 | 610 | 612 | 613 | 614 | 615 | 616 | 617 | 618 | 619 | 626 | 630 | 631 | 636 | 646 | 647 | 650 | 651 | 661 | 662 | 678 | 682 | 702 | 703 | 704 | 706 | 707 | 708 | 709 | 713 | 714 | 716 | 718 | 719 | 720 | 724 | 727 | 731 | 732 | 734 | 740 | 757 | 760 | 763 | 765 | 772 | 773 | 774 | 775 | 778 | 780 | 781 | 786 | 801 | 803 | 804 | 805 | 810 | 812 | 813 | 815 | 816 | 817 | 818 | 819 | 830 | 831 | 832 | 845 | 847 | 856 | 857 | 858 | 859 | 860 | 862 | 863 | 864 | 901 | 902 | 903 | 904 | 905 | 908 | 909 | 913 | 914 | 915 | 916 | 918 | 919 | 920 | 925 | 928 | 931 | 937 | 940 | 941 | 949 | 951 | 952 | 954 | 970 | 971 | 972 | 973 | 978 | 979 | 985 |

Cannot find a local access number in your area? This card will be still good for you:
1. you can Call from Mobile Phone (Cellular Phone) to our local access numbers, if you have a cellular phone plan with bulk or unlimited weekend and night long distance free minutes. Please check the page for the things you MUST KNOW for calling from your cell phone!
2. You can use our toll free numbers listed above to connect your call. Toll free numbers are usually nation-wide available, but some toll free numbers may not be called from Alaska and Hawaii while some toll free numbers even can be called from Canada.

About the Card
Maintainence Fee: No maintenance fee, total clean
Connection Fee: No Connection Fee, total clean
Rounding: 1 minute
Payphone Charge: $0.99 per call if calling from pay phone
Expiration Date: 300 days after last use
Rechargeable: Yes
Pinless: Yes
Dialing Instruction
IMPORTANT: When calling from a cell phone using a phone card,
DO NOT press "Send" or "Talk" key after entering your destination phone number.
We STRONGLY recommend our customers to cancel international service with your cellular phone carrier before placing calls through calling card service.
Calling from one of the registered pinless phone:
  1. Dial Access number, wait for a prompt
  2. Dial your Destination Number:
Calling from a non-registered pinless phone:
  1. Dial Access number, wait for a prompt
  2. Enter PIN number, wait for prompt
  3. Dial your Destination Number (or Speed Dial number)
  • To call the North America: enter 1 + area code + tele No.
  • To call other country: enter 011 + country code + city code + tele number (do not add 0 before country code and area code)
Pinless Instruction This card uses web interface to setup pinless calling phone numbers. Just login My Account to setup pinless call numbers
Recharge Instruction

How to recharge minutes for this card?
Just purchase the same card again with the same email address. Our system automatically recharge minutes for you.

Customer Service
We answer every question promptly.
Notice International calls to mobile numbers may be charged a higher rate, unless it is otherwise indicated. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Mobile phone users who have unlimited night and weekend long distance minutes can save money by using nationwide local access numbers.
Others We are not responsible for minutes lost due to pay phone surcharges. Note that the following are sometimes subject to payphone surcharges: school dormitory phones; office phones; phones in hotels, motels, and inns. Cellular phone calling toll free numbers could be identified as pay phone call. Mobile phone users with unlimited weekend and night long distance minutes are strongly recommended to call LOCAL access numbers (only LOCAL) to get more minutes and lower rates.
Special The phone number in your billing information has been setup for pinless calling. You will not be required to input pin# when calling from the number.  
Other Information This card can be called from many countries with international access numbers. 
Rates Rates are various when calling from different access numbers (local access number vs toll free access number) to diffrent countries/areas. International calls to mobile numbers may be charged a higher rate, unless it is otherwise indicated. Please check rate table for details. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice.
Rates call from AustriaRates call from BELGIUM
Rates call from CanadaRates call from DENMARK
Rates call from FINLANDRates call from FRANCE
Rates call from GERMANYRates call from Ireland
Rates call from ItalyRates call from Netherlands
Rates call from NorwayRates call from Spain
Rates call from SwedenRates call from Switzerland
Rates call from United KingdomRates call from USA

Rate Table for Calling from United Kingdom
Call FromCall ToLocal MinutesLocal RateToll Free MinutesToll Free Rate
United KingdomAFGHANISTAN6232.3¢ 
United KingdomAFGHANISTAN-Mobile5735.1¢ 
United KingdomALBANIA19710.2¢ 
United KingdomALBANIA-Mobile5337.7¢ 
United KingdomALBANIA-TIRANA3256.2¢ 
United KingdomALGERIA18610.8¢ 
United KingdomALGERIA-Mobile9521.1¢ 
United KingdomAMERICAN SAMOA19510.3¢ 
United KingdomAMERICAN SAMOA-Mobile19510.3¢ 
United KingdomANDORRA3256.2¢ 
United KingdomANDORRA-Mobile5040.0¢ 
United KingdomANGOLA10119.8¢ 
United KingdomANGOLA-Mobile8025.0¢ 
United KingdomANGUILLA11717.1¢ 
United KingdomANGUILLA-Mobile6530.8¢ 
United KingdomANTARCTICA2290.9¢ 
United KingdomANTARCTICA-Mobile5040.0¢ 
United KingdomANTIGUA11717.1¢ 
United KingdomANTIGUA-Mobile11717.1¢ 
United KingdomARGENTINA5803.4¢ 
United KingdomARGENTINA-BUENOS AIRES7272.8¢ 
United KingdomARGENTINA-CORDOBA6563.0¢ 
United KingdomARGENTINA-Mobile2079.7¢ 
United KingdomARMENIA17011.8¢ 
United KingdomARMENIA-AYEREVAN2099.6¢ 
United KingdomARMENIA-Mobile7925.3¢ 
United KingdomARUBA13215.2¢ 
United KingdomARUBA-Mobile6431.3¢ 
United KingdomASCENSION IS.20100.0¢ 
United KingdomASCENSION IS.-Mobile20100.0¢ 
United KingdomAUSTRALIA5633.6¢ 
United KingdomAUSTRALIA-Mobile13614.7¢ 
United KingdomAUSTRIA4944.0¢ 
United KingdomAUSTRIA-Mobile11317.7¢ 
United KingdomAZERBAIJAN16112.4¢ 
United KingdomAZERBAIJAN-Mobile6132.8¢ 
United KingdomBAHAMAS3256.2¢ 
United KingdomBAHAMAS-Mobile3745.3¢ 
United KingdomBAHRAIN3256.2¢ 
United KingdomBAHRAIN-Mobile17911.2¢ 
United KingdomBANGLADESH2199.1¢ 
United KingdomBANGLADESH-DHAKA2199.1¢ 
United KingdomBANGLADESH-Mobile2199.1¢ 
United KingdomBANGLADESH-SHYLET2199.1¢ 
United KingdomBARBADOS13614.7¢ 
United KingdomBARBADOS-Mobile6431.3¢ 
United KingdomBELARUS5735.1¢ 
United KingdomBELARUS-Mobile5536.4¢ 
United KingdomBELGIUM4824.1¢ 
United KingdomBELGIUM-Mobile7726.0¢ 
United KingdomBELIZE6729.9¢ 
United KingdomBELIZE-Mobile5933.9¢ 
United KingdomBENIN8025.0¢ 
United KingdomBENIN-Mobile7626.3¢ 
United KingdomBERMUDA2557.8¢ 
United KingdomBERMUDA-Mobile16712.0¢ 
United KingdomBHUTAN9221.7¢ 
United KingdomBHUTAN-Mobile8822.7¢ 
United KingdomBOLIVIA16512.1¢ 
United KingdomBOLIVIA-COCHABAMBA19710.2¢ 
United KingdomBOLIVIA-LA PAZ2199.1¢ 
United KingdomBOLIVIA-Mobile9521.1¢ 
United KingdomBOLIVIA-SANTA CRUZ19710.2¢ 
United KingdomBOSNIA11317.7¢ 
United KingdomBOSNIA-Mobile4841.7¢ 
United KingdomBOTSWANA12715.7¢ 
United KingdomBOTSWANA-Mobile7128.2¢ 
United KingdomBRAZIL3885.2¢ 
United KingdomBRAZIL-BELO HORIZONTE5633.6¢ 
United KingdomBRAZIL-Mobile9122.0¢ 
United KingdomBRAZIL-RIO5633.6¢ 
United KingdomBRAZIL-SAO PAULO5633.6¢ 
United KingdomBRITISH V I6829.4¢ 
United KingdomBRITISH V I-Mobile6829.4¢ 
United KingdomBRUNEI3485.7¢ 
United KingdomBRUNEI-Mobile3106.5¢ 
United KingdomBULGARIA3965.1¢ 
United KingdomBULGARIA-Mobile4050.0¢ 
United KingdomBULGARIA-SOFIA4214.8¢ 
United KingdomBURKINA FASO8124.7¢ 
United KingdomBURKINA FASO-Mobile8124.7¢ 
United KingdomBURUNDI14813.5¢ 
United KingdomBURUNDI-Mobile12715.7¢ 
United KingdomCAMBODIA18310.9¢ 
United KingdomCAMBODIA-Mobile19010.5¢ 
United KingdomCAMBODIA-PHNOM PENH18310.9¢ 
United KingdomCAMEROON8224.4¢ 
United KingdomCAMEROON-DOUALA14314.0¢ 
United KingdomCAMEROON-Mobile6232.3¢ 
United KingdomCANADA6782.9¢ 
United KingdomCAPE VERDE ISLAND6630.3¢ 
United KingdomCAPE VERDE ISLAND-Mobile5040.0¢ 
United KingdomCAYMAN ISLAND16612.0¢ 
United KingdomCAYMAN ISLAND-Mobile8124.7¢ 
United KingdomCENTRAL AFRICA REP.3458.8¢ 
United KingdomCENTRAL AFRICA REP.-Mobile4346.5¢ 
United KingdomCHAD REP9920.2¢ 
United KingdomCHAD REP-Mobile10618.9¢ 
United KingdomCHILE4404.5¢ 
United KingdomCHILE-Mobile14114.2¢ 
United KingdomCHINA6353.1¢ 
United KingdomCHINA-Mobile6353.1¢ 
United KingdomCHRISTMAS-COCOS IS3206.3¢ 
United KingdomCHRISTMAS-COCOS IS-Mobile3206.3¢ 
United KingdomCOLOMBIA3106.5¢ 
United KingdomCOLOMBIA-BARAN4604.3¢ 
United KingdomCOLOMBIA-BOGATA4604.3¢ 
United KingdomCOLOMBIA-CALI4604.3¢ 
United KingdomCOLOMBIA-MEDELLIN4604.3¢ 
United KingdomCOLOMBIA-Mobile15413.0¢ 
United KingdomCOMOROS2871.4¢ 
United KingdomCOMOROS-Mobile2387.0¢ 
United KingdomCONGO REP10618.9¢ 
United KingdomCONGO REP-Mobile11118.0¢ 
United KingdomCOOK ISLAND13153.8¢ 
United KingdomCOOK ISLAND-Mobile13153.8¢ 
United KingdomCOSTA RICA2298.7¢ 
United KingdomCOSTA RICA-Mobile2199.1¢ 
United KingdomCROATIA4045.0¢ 
United KingdomCROATIA-Mobile9521.1¢ 
United KingdomCUBA15133.3¢ 
United KingdomCUBA-GUANTANAMO BAY3066.7¢ 
United KingdomCUBA-Mobile13153.8¢ 
United KingdomCYPRUS5633.6¢ 
United KingdomCYPRUS-Mobile2557.8¢ 
United KingdomCZECH REP3745.3¢ 
United KingdomCZECH REP.-Mobile6431.3¢ 
United KingdomCZECH REP.-PRAGUE3745.3¢ 
United KingdomDENMARK5333.8¢ 
United KingdomDENMARK-Mobile8025.0¢ 
United KingdomDIEGO GARCIA13153.8¢ 
United KingdomDIEGO GARCIA-Mobile13153.8¢ 
United KingdomDJIBOUTI3951.3¢ 
United KingdomDJIBOUTI-Mobile3754.1¢ 
United KingdomDOMINICAA10718.7¢ 
United KingdomDOMINICAA-Mobile5834.5¢ 
United KingdomDOMINICAN REP3106.5¢ 
United KingdomDOMINICAN REP-Mobile15912.6¢ 
United KingdomEAST TIMOR20100.0¢ 
United KingdomEAST TIMOR-Mobile20100.0¢ 
United KingdomECUADOR13614.7¢ 
United KingdomECUADOR-GUAYA13614.7¢ 
United KingdomECUADOR-Mobile6431.3¢ 
United KingdomECUADOR-QUITO13614.7¢ 
United KingdomEGYPT12915.5¢ 
United KingdomEGYPT-ALEXANDRIA12416.1¢ 
United KingdomEGYPT-CAIRO12915.5¢ 
United KingdomEGYPT-Mobile14913.4¢ 
United KingdomEL SALVADOR9221.7¢ 
United KingdomEL SALVADOR-Mobile6033.3¢ 
United KingdomEQUATORIAL GUINEA5635.7¢ 
United KingdomEQUATORIAL GUINEA-Mobile5834.5¢ 
United KingdomERITREA5139.2¢ 
United KingdomERITREA-Mobile4940.8¢ 
United KingdomESTONIA4124.9¢ 
United KingdomESTONIA-Mobile6431.3¢ 
United KingdomETHIOPIA5635.7¢ 
United KingdomETHIOPIA-ADDIS6829.4¢ 
United KingdomETHIOPIA-Mobile5536.4¢ 
United KingdomFAEROE ISLAND4841.7¢ 
United KingdomFAEROE ISLAND-Mobile4841.7¢ 
United KingdomFALKLAND ISLAND10200.0¢ 
United KingdomFALKLAND ISLAND-Mobile20100.0¢ 
United KingdomFIJI ISLAND6431.3¢ 
United KingdomFIJI ISLAND-Mobile6729.9¢ 
United KingdomFINLAND2527.9¢ 
United KingdomFINLAND-Mobile12416.1¢ 
United KingdomFRANCE5803.4¢ 
United KingdomFRANCE-Mobile10020.0¢ 
United KingdomFRENCH ANTILLES17811.2¢ 
United KingdomFRENCH ANTILLES-Mobile3951.3¢ 
United KingdomFRENCH GUIANA12316.3¢ 
United KingdomFRENCH GUIANA-Mobile3655.6¢ 
United KingdomFRENCH POLYNESIA3951.3¢ 
United KingdomFRENCH POLYNESIA-Mobile3951.3¢ 
United KingdomGABON11118.0¢ 
United KingdomGABON-Mobile6630.3¢ 
United KingdomGAMBIA3951.3¢ 
United KingdomGAMBIA-Mobile3951.3¢ 
United KingdomGEORGIA2966.8¢ 
United KingdomGEORGIA-Mobile10718.7¢ 
United KingdomGEORGIA-TBILISI2966.8¢ 
United KingdomGERMANY5633.6¢ 
United KingdomGERMANY-Mobile9022.2¢ 
United KingdomGHANA18111.0¢ 
United KingdomGHANA-ACCRA18111.0¢ 
United KingdomGHANA-Mobile8025.0¢ 
United KingdomGIBRALTAR12316.3¢ 
United KingdomGIBRALTAR-Mobile3951.3¢ 
United KingdomGREECE5633.6¢ 
United KingdomGREECE-ATHENS5633.6¢ 
United KingdomGREECE-Mobile7626.3¢ 
United KingdomGREENLAND20100.0¢ 
United KingdomGREENLAND-Mobile20100.0¢ 
United KingdomGRENADA12715.7¢ 
United KingdomGRENADA-Mobile6530.8¢ 
United KingdomGUADELOUPE3885.2¢ 
United KingdomGUADELOUPE-Mobile4643.5¢ 
United KingdomGUAM5633.6¢ 
United KingdomGUAM-Mobile4214.8¢ 
United KingdomGUATEMALA17911.2¢ 
United KingdomGUATEMALA-Mobile11717.1¢ 
United KingdomGUINEAA9920.2¢ 
United KingdomGUINEAA-Mobile7825.6¢ 
United KingdomGUINEAB BISSEAU3360.6¢ 
United KingdomGUINEAB BISSEAU-Mobile2871.4¢ 
United KingdomGUYANA5635.7¢ 
United KingdomGUYANA-Mobile5834.5¢ 
United KingdomHAITI7427.0¢ 
United KingdomHAITI-Mobile6232.3¢ 
United KingdomHONDURAS15712.7¢ 
United KingdomHONDURAS-Mobile8124.7¢ 
United KingdomHONG KONG5333.8¢ 
United KingdomHONG KONG-Mobile7022.8¢ 
United KingdomHUNGARY5633.6¢ 
United KingdomHUNGARY-BUDAPEST5633.6¢ 
United KingdomHUNGARY-Mobile8324.1¢ 
United KingdomICELAND4714.2¢ 
United KingdomICELAND-Mobile6630.3¢ 
United KingdomINDIA2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-AHMEDABAD2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-BANGALORE2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-BOMBAY2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-CALCUTA2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-GUJARAT2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-HYDERABAD2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-MADRAS2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-Mobile2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-NEW DELHI2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-PUNE2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDIA-PUNJAB2966.8¢ 
United KingdomINDONESIA2199.1¢ 
United KingdomINDONESIA-JAKARTA3885.2¢ 
United KingdomINDONESIA-Mobile16612.0¢ 
United KingdomINDONESIA-SURABAYA3885.2¢ 
United KingdomINMARSAT7285.7¢ 
United KingdomIRAN11717.1¢ 
United KingdomIRAN-Mobile11916.8¢ 
United KingdomIRAN-TEHERAN19910.1¢ 
United KingdomIRAQ2458.2¢ 
United KingdomIRAQ-BAGHDAD3675.4¢ 
United KingdomIRAQ-Mobile12715.7¢ 
United KingdomIRELAND6153.3¢ 
United KingdomIRELAND-Mobile7227.8¢ 
United KingdomISRAEL5633.6¢ 
United KingdomISRAEL-Mobile13215.2¢ 
United KingdomITALY6153.3¢ 
United KingdomITALY-Mobile8124.7¢ 
United KingdomIVORY COAST7128.2¢ 
United KingdomIVORY COAST-ABIDJAN8423.8¢ 
United KingdomIVORY COAST-Mobile7526.7¢ 
United KingdomJAMAICA14913.4¢ 
United KingdomJAMAICA-Mobile6530.8¢ 
United KingdomJAPAN4214.8¢ 
United KingdomJAPAN-MILITARY4214.8¢ 
United KingdomJAPAN-Mobile12715.7¢ 
United KingdomJAPAN-OSAKA4214.8¢ 
United KingdomJAPAN-TOKYO4214.8¢ 
United KingdomJORDAN4214.8¢ 
United KingdomJORDAN-AMMAN4824.1¢ 
United KingdomJORDAN-Mobile17911.2¢ 
United KingdomKAZAKHSTAN15213.2¢ 
United KingdomKAZAKHSTAN-ALMATY5803.4¢ 
United KingdomKAZAKHSTAN-KARAGANDA4404.5¢ 
United KingdomKAZAKHSTAN-Mobile10718.7¢ 
United KingdomKENYA12416.1¢ 
United KingdomKENYA-Mobile11018.2¢ 
United KingdomKENYA-NAIROBI2966.8¢ 
United KingdomKIRIBATI20100.0¢ 
United KingdomKIRIBATI-Mobile20100.0¢ 
United KingdomKOREA (NORTH)2580.0¢ 
United KingdomKOREA (NORTH)-Mobile2580.0¢ 
United KingdomKOREA (SOUTH)4404.5¢ 
United KingdomKOREA (SOUTH)-Mobile2886.9¢ 
United KingdomKOREA (SOUTH)-SEOUL4944.0¢ 
United KingdomKUWAIT17911.2¢ 
United KingdomKUWAIT-Mobile11916.8¢ 
United KingdomKYRGYZSTAN14314.0¢ 
United KingdomKYRGYZSTAN-Mobile16112.4¢ 
United KingdomLAOS2298.7¢ 
United KingdomLAOS-Mobile2348.5¢ 
United KingdomLATVIA3485.7¢ 
United KingdomLATVIA-Mobile8324.1¢ 
United KingdomLEBANON13714.6¢ 
United KingdomLEBANON-Mobile8124.7¢ 
United KingdomLESOTHO7626.3¢ 
United KingdomLESOTHO-Mobile5337.7¢ 
United KingdomLIBERIA5040.0¢ 
United KingdomLIBERIA-Mobile7128.2¢ 
United KingdomLIBYA6929.0¢ 
United KingdomLIBYA-Mobile5040.0¢ 
United KingdomLIECHTENSTEIN2059.8¢ 
United KingdomLIECHTENSTEIN-Mobile2969.0¢ 
United KingdomLITHUANIA2527.9¢ 
United KingdomLITHUANIA-Mobile7028.6¢ 
United KingdomLUXEMBOURG4045.0¢ 
United KingdomLUXEMBOURG-Mobile6729.9¢ 
United KingdomMACAU2169.3¢ 
United KingdomMACAU-Mobile2169.3¢ 
United KingdomMACEDONIA2348.5¢ 
United KingdomMACEDONIA-Mobile4940.8¢ 
United KingdomMADAGASCAR3655.6¢ 
United KingdomMADAGASCAR-Mobile3360.6¢ 
United KingdomMALAWI10618.9¢ 
United KingdomMALAWI-Mobile10618.9¢ 
United KingdomMALAYSIA4404.5¢ 
United KingdomMALAYSIA-KUALA LUMPUR4944.0¢ 
United KingdomMALAYSIA-Mobile3256.2¢ 
United KingdomMALDIVES5536.4¢ 
United KingdomMALDIVES-Mobile5536.4¢ 
United KingdomMALI5933.9¢ 
United KingdomMALI-Mobile6630.3¢ 
United KingdomMALTA18610.8¢ 
United KingdomMALTA-Mobile5238.5¢ 
United KingdomMARIANA ISLAND2169.3¢ 
United KingdomMARIANA ISLAND-Mobile2169.3¢ 
United KingdomMARSHALL ISLAND4050.0¢ 
United KingdomMARSHALL ISLAND-Mobile4050.0¢ 
United KingdomMAURITANIA6530.8¢ 
United KingdomMAURITANIA-Mobile6630.3¢ 
United KingdomMAURITIUS12715.7¢ 
United KingdomMAURITIUS-Mobile12715.7¢ 
United KingdomMAYOTTE ISLAND5536.4¢ 
United KingdomMAYOTTE ISLAND-Mobile3655.6¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO15213.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ACAPONETA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ACAPULCO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ACTOPAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-AGUA PRIETA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ALLENDE3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-AMECAMECA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-APATZINGAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-APIZACO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ARCELIA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ATLACOMULCO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ATLIXCO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ATOYAC DE ALVAREZ3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-AUTLAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-BAHIA DE HUATULCO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CABO SAN LUCAS3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CABORCA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CADEREYTA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CAMPECHE3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CANANEA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CANCUN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CD. GUZMAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CD. HIDALGO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CD. JUAREZ3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CD. MANTE3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CD. OBREGON3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CD. VICTORIA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CELAYA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CHETUMAL3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CHIHUAHUA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CHILPANCINGO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CITY5333.8¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CIUDAD ACUNA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CIUDAD CAMARGO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CIUDAD DEL CARMEN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CIUDAD DELICIAS3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CIUDAD SAHAGUN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CIUDAD VALLES3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-COATZACOALCOS3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-COLIMA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CORDOBA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-COSAMALOAPAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-COZUMEL3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CUAUTLA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CUERNAVACA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-CULIACAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-DURANGO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ENSENADA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-FRESNILLO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-GENERAL BRAVO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-GENERAL TREVINO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-GUADALAJARA5333.8¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-GUAMUCHIL3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-GUANAJUATO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-GUASAVE3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-GUAYMAS3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-GUERRERO NEGRO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-HERMOSILLO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-HUATABAMPO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-HUETAMO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-HUIMANGUILLO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-HUITZUCO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-IGUALA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-IRAPUATO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-IXTAPAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-JALAPA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-JALPA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-JOJUTLA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-JUCHITAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-LA BARCA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-LA PAZ3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-LA PIEDAD3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-LAGOS DE MORENO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-LEON3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-LERDO DE TEJADA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-LERMA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-LINARES3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-LOS MOCHIS3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-LOS REYES3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MAGDALENA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MANUEL3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MANZANILLO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MATAMOROS3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MATEHUALA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MAZATLAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MERIDA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MEXICALI3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MINATITLAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MOCHITLAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MONCLOVA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MONTEMORELOS3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MONTEREY5333.8¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MORELIA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-MOROLEON3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-NACOZARI3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-NAVOJOA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-NOGALES3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-NUEVO LAREDO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-OAXACA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-OCOTLAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-OCOZOCUAUTLA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-OJINAGA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-OMETEPEC3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ORIZABA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PACHUCA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PALENQUE15213.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PARRAL3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PARRAS DE LA FUENTE3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PATZCUARO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PENJAMO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PETATLAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PIEDRAS NEGRAS3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-POZA RICA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PUEBLA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PUERTO PEDASCO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PUERTO VALLARTA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-PURUANDIRO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-QUERETARO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-REYNOSA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-RIO GRANDE3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-RIO VERDE3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ROSARITO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SABINAS3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SAHUAYO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SALAMANCA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SALTILLO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SALVATIERRA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SAN ANDRES TUXTLA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SAN FERNANDO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SAN JOSE DE GRACIA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SAN JUAN DEL RIO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SAN LUIS DE LA PAZ3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SAN LUIS POTOSI3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SAN QUINTIN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SANTA ANA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-SILAO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TALA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TAMPICO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TANHUATO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TAPACHULA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TAXCO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TECATE3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TECOMAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TECUALA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TEHUACAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TEKAX3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TELOLOAPAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TENANCINGO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TEPATITLAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TEPIC3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TEQUILA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TEXCOCO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TEZIUTLAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TIJUANA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TIZAYUCA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TIZIMIN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TLAXCALA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TOLUCA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TORREON3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TULA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TULANCINGO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TUXPAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-TUXTEPEC3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-URUAPAN3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-VALLE DE BRAVO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-VERACRUZ3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-VILLA FLORES3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-VILLAHERMOSA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-z-Mobile8922.5¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ZACAPU3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ZACATECAS3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ZAMORA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ZIHUATANEJO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ZINAPECUARO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ZITACUARO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMEXICO-ZUMPANGO3815.2¢ 
United KingdomMICRONESIA3951.3¢ 
United KingdomMICRONESIA-Mobile3360.6¢ 
United KingdomMOLDOVA11517.4¢ 
United KingdomMOLDOVA-Mobile8623.3¢ 
United KingdomMONACO3965.1¢ 
United KingdomMONACO-Mobile4148.8¢ 
United KingdomMONGOLIA15712.7¢ 
United KingdomMONGOLIA-Mobile13215.2¢ 
United KingdomMONTSERRAT6431.3¢ 
United KingdomMONTSERRAT-Mobile4841.7¢ 
United KingdomMOROCCO9920.2¢ 
United KingdomMOROCCO-CASABLANCA10718.7¢ 
United KingdomMOROCCO-Mobile5437.0¢ 
United KingdomMOZAMBIQUE14513.8¢ 
United KingdomMOZAMBIQUE-Mobile10618.9¢ 
United KingdomMYANMAR-BURMA4445.5¢ 
United KingdomMYANMAR-Mobile4445.5¢ 
United KingdomNAMIBIA15313.1¢ 
United KingdomNAMIBIA-Mobile5933.9¢ 
United KingdomNAURU13153.8¢ 
United KingdomNAURU-Mobile20100.0¢ 
United KingdomNEPAL9521.1¢ 
United KingdomNEPAL-KATMANDU2129.4¢ 
United KingdomNEPAL-Mobile7825.6¢ 
United KingdomNETHERLANDS5333.8¢ 
United KingdomNETHERLANDS-Mobile6530.8¢ 
United KingdomNETHERLANDSZ ANT-Mobile6431.3¢ 
United KingdomNEW CALEDONIA3360.6¢ 
United KingdomNEW CALEDONIA-Mobile3360.6¢ 
United KingdomNEW ZEALAND5064.0¢ 
United KingdomNEW ZEALAND-Mobile7128.2¢ 
United KingdomNICARAGUA9920.2¢ 
United KingdomNICARAGUA-Mobile6530.8¢ 
United KingdomNIGER REPUBLIC10618.9¢ 
United KingdomNIGER REPUBLIC-Mobile11118.0¢ 
United KingdomNIGERIA12815.6¢ 
United KingdomNIGERIA-LAGOS13015.4¢ 
United KingdomNIGERIA-Mobile11118.0¢ 
United KingdomNIUE ISLAND18111.1¢ 
United KingdomNIUE ISLAND-Mobile20100.0¢ 
United KingdomNORFOLK ISLAND14142.9¢ 
United KingdomNORFOLK ISLAND-Mobile13153.8¢ 
United KingdomNORWAY4944.0¢ 
United KingdomNORWAY-Mobile6929.0¢ 
United KingdomOMAN9122.0¢ 
United KingdomOMAN-Mobile7227.8¢ 
United KingdomPAKISTAN9521.1¢ 
United KingdomPAKISTAN-ISLAMABAD9521.1¢ 
United KingdomPAKISTAN-KARACHI9521.1¢ 
United KingdomPAKISTAN-LAHORE9521.1¢ 
United KingdomPAKISTAN-Mobile9521.1¢ 
United KingdomPALAU REPUBLIC4346.5¢ 
United KingdomPALAU REPUBLIC-Mobile4346.5¢ 
United KingdomPALESTINE5834.5¢ 
United KingdomPALESTINE-Mobile6929.0¢ 
United KingdomPANAMA2966.8¢ 
United KingdomPANAMA-CITY5064.0¢ 
United KingdomPANAMA-Mobile10718.7¢ 
United KingdomPAPUA NEW GUINEA18111.1¢ 
United KingdomPAPUA NEW GUINEA-Mobile20100.0¢ 
United KingdomPARAGUAY2059.8¢ 
United KingdomPARAGUAY-ASUNCION2298.7¢ 
United KingdomPARAGUAY-Mobile13614.7¢ 
United KingdomPERU3485.7¢ 
United KingdomPERU-LIMA4944.0¢ 
United KingdomPERU-Mobile8822.7¢ 
United KingdomPHILIPPINES11018.2¢ 
United KingdomPHILIPPINES-MANILA11018.2¢ 
United KingdomPHILIPPINES-Mobile8623.3¢ 
United KingdomPOLAND6782.9¢ 
United KingdomPOLAND-Mobile13414.9¢ 
United KingdomPOLAND-WARSAW6782.9¢ 
United KingdomPORTUGAL6153.3¢ 
United KingdomPORTUGAL-Mobile8324.1¢ 
United KingdomPUERTO RICO5633.6¢ 
United KingdomPUERTO RICO-Mobile5633.6¢ 
United KingdomQATAR8324.1¢ 
United KingdomQATAR-Mobile7427.0¢ 
United KingdomREUNION ISLAND2767.2¢ 
United KingdomREUNION ISLAND-Mobile4346.5¢ 
United KingdomROMANIA3965.1¢ 
United KingdomROMANIA-BUCHAREST4604.3¢ 
United KingdomROMANIA-Mobile12416.1¢ 
United KingdomRUSSIA3885.2¢ 
United KingdomRUSSIA-Mobile19710.2¢ 
United KingdomRUSSIA-MOSCOW7272.8¢ 
United KingdomRUSSIA-ST. PETERSBURG6153.3¢ 
United KingdomRWANDA10918.3¢ 
United KingdomRWANDA-Mobile11118.0¢ 
United KingdomSAN MARINO3206.3¢ 
United KingdomSAN MARINO-Mobile3206.3¢ 
United KingdomSAO TOME10200.0¢ 
United KingdomSAO TOME-Mobile10200.0¢ 
United KingdomSAUDI ARABIA14214.1¢ 
United KingdomSAUDI ARABIA-DHAHRAN14214.1¢ 
United KingdomSAUDI ARABIA-JEDDAH2657.5¢ 
United KingdomSAUDI ARABIA-Mobile9521.1¢ 
United KingdomSAUDI ARABIA-RIYAD4214.8¢ 
United KingdomSENEGAL10119.8¢ 
United KingdomSENEGAL-DAKAR10119.8¢ 
United KingdomSENEGAL-Mobile6132.8¢ 
United KingdomSEYCHELLES ISLAND7626.3¢ 
United KingdomSEYCHELLES ISLAND-Mobile7626.3¢ 
United KingdomSIERRA LEONE4247.6¢ 
United KingdomSIERRA LEONE-Mobile4050.0¢ 
United KingdomSINGAPORE6353.1¢ 
United KingdomSINGAPORE-Mobile6353.1¢ 
United KingdomSLOVAKIA4944.0¢ 
United KingdomSLOVAKIA-BRATISLAVA4944.0¢ 
United KingdomSLOVAKIA-Mobile6729.9¢ 
United KingdomSLOVENIA3545.6¢ 
United KingdomSLOVENIA-Mobile5040.0¢ 
United KingdomSOLOMON ISLAND8250.0¢ 
United KingdomSOLOMON ISLAND-Mobile13153.8¢ 
United KingdomSOMALIA2969.0¢ 
United KingdomSOMALIA-Mobile2969.0¢ 
United KingdomSOUTH AFRICA2587.8¢ 
United KingdomSOUTH AFRICA-CAPE TOWN2587.8¢ 
United KingdomSOUTH AFRICA-DURBAN2587.8¢ 
United KingdomSOUTH AFRICA-JOHANNES2587.8¢ 
United KingdomSOUTH AFRICA-Mobile10618.9¢ 
United KingdomSPAIN6153.3¢ 
United KingdomSPAIN-Mobile9521.1¢ 
United KingdomSRI LANKA13215.2¢ 
United KingdomSRI LANKA-Mobile11317.7¢ 
United KingdomST HELENA10200.0¢ 
United KingdomST HELENA-Mobile13153.8¢ 
United KingdomST KITTS6431.3¢ 
United KingdomST KITTS-Mobile3951.3¢ 
United KingdomST LUCIA6431.3¢ 
United KingdomST LUCIA-Mobile3951.3¢ 
United KingdomST PIERRE-MIQUELON4841.7¢ 
United KingdomST PIERRE-MIQUELON-Mobile4841.7¢ 
United KingdomST VINCENT6431.3¢ 
United KingdomST VINCENT-Mobile3951.3¢ 
United KingdomSUDAN12715.7¢ 
United KingdomSUDAN-Mobile11317.7¢ 
United KingdomSURINAME7028.6¢ 
United KingdomSURINAME-Mobile7128.2¢ 
United KingdomSWAZILAND17011.8¢ 
United KingdomSWAZILAND-Mobile5933.9¢ 
United KingdomSWEDEN5803.4¢ 
United KingdomSWEDEN-Mobile11118.0¢ 
United KingdomSWITZERLAND5333.8¢ 
United KingdomSWITZERLAND-Mobile5933.9¢ 
United KingdomSYRIA9122.0¢ 
United KingdomSYRIA-Mobile7227.8¢ 
United KingdomTAIWAN5633.6¢ 
United KingdomTAIWAN-Mobile18610.8¢ 
United KingdomTAIWAN-TAIPEI5633.6¢ 
United KingdomTAJIKISTAN13015.4¢ 
United KingdomTAJIKISTAN-Mobile13614.7¢ 
United KingdomTANZANIA11916.8¢ 
United KingdomTANZANIA-DAR ES SALAAM11916.8¢ 
United KingdomTANZANIA-Mobile11916.8¢ 
United KingdomTHAILAND6353.1¢ 
United KingdomTHAILAND-BANGKOK6353.1¢ 
United KingdomTHAILAND-Mobile6353.1¢ 
United KingdomTHURAYA (SATELLITE)4500.0¢ 
United KingdomTOGO4544.4¢ 
United KingdomTOGO-Mobile4643.5¢ 
United KingdomTOKLAU14142.9¢ 
United KingdomTOKLAU-Mobile12166.7¢ 
United KingdomTONGA IS3951.3¢ 
United KingdomTONGA IS-Mobile3754.1¢ 
United KingdomTRINIDAD-TOBAGO2079.7¢ 
United KingdomTRINIDAD-TOBAGO-Mobile12715.7¢ 
United KingdomTUNISIA8124.7¢ 
United KingdomTUNISIA-Mobile3655.6¢ 
United KingdomTURKEY3485.7¢ 
United KingdomTURKEY-ADANA4404.5¢ 
United KingdomTURKEY-ANKARA4404.5¢ 
United KingdomTURKEY-ANTAYA4404.5¢ 
United KingdomTURKEY-BURSA4404.5¢ 
United KingdomTURKEY-ISTANBUL4404.5¢ 
United KingdomTURKEY-IZMIR4404.5¢ 
United KingdomTURKEY-Mobile13315.0¢ 
United KingdomTURKMENISTAN11717.1¢ 
United KingdomTURKMENISTAN-Mobile10618.9¢ 
United KingdomTURKS-CAICOS6431.3¢ 
United KingdomTURKS-CAICOS-Mobile5536.4¢ 
United KingdomTUVALU20100.0¢ 
United KingdomTUVALU-Mobile20100.0¢ 
United KingdomUGANDA11916.8¢ 
United KingdomUGANDA-Mobile11118.0¢ 
United KingdomUKRAINE14513.8¢ 
United KingdomUKRAINE-KHARKOV15712.7¢ 
United KingdomUKRAINE-KIEV15712.7¢ 
United KingdomUKRAINE-LVOV15712.7¢ 
United KingdomUKRAINE-Mobile11317.7¢ 
United KingdomUKRAINE-NIKOLAEV15712.7¢ 
United KingdomUKRAINE-ODESSA15712.7¢ 
United KingdomUNITED ARAB EMIR8423.8¢ 
United KingdomUNITED ARAB EMIR-Mobile8423.8¢ 
United KingdomUNITED KINGDOM6782.9¢ 
United KingdomUNITED KINGDOM-Mobile9920.2¢ 
United KingdomURUGUAY18610.8¢ 
United KingdomURUGUAY-Mobile7227.8¢ 
United KingdomURUGUAY-MONTEVIDEO2199.1¢ 
United KingdomUSA VIRGIN ISLANDS3206.3¢ 
United KingdomUSA VIRGIN ISLANDS-Mobile2767.2¢ 
United KingdomUSA-ALASKA3815.2¢ 
United KingdomUSA-CONTINENTAL6782.9¢ 
United KingdomUSA-HAWAII5333.8¢ 
United KingdomUZBEKISTAN2298.7¢ 
United KingdomUZBEKISTAN-Mobile20110.0¢ 
United KingdomVANUATU16125.0¢ 
United KingdomVANUATU-Mobile16125.0¢ 
United KingdomVATICAN CITY2767.2¢ 
United KingdomVATICAN CITY-Mobile2767.2¢ 
United KingdomVENEZUELA4214.8¢ 
United KingdomVENEZUELA-CARACAS4944.0¢ 
United KingdomVENEZUELA-MARACAIBO4214.8¢ 
United KingdomVENEZUELA-Mobile13215.2¢ 
United KingdomVIETNAM2199.1¢ 
United KingdomVIETNAM-HO CHI MINH2966.8¢ 
United KingdomVIETNAM-Mobile2059.8¢ 
United KingdomWALLIS-FORTUNA10200.0¢ 
United KingdomWALLIS-FORTUNA-Mobile10200.0¢ 
United KingdomWESTERN SAMOA2871.4¢ 
United KingdomWESTERN SAMOA-Mobile2871.4¢ 
United KingdomYEMEN9221.7¢ 
United KingdomYEMEN-Mobile9221.7¢ 
United KingdomYUGOSLAVIA17911.2¢ 
United KingdomYUGOSLAVIA-BELGRADE17911.2¢ 
United KingdomYUGOSLAVIA-Mobile7028.6¢ 
United KingdomZAIRE4940.8¢ 
United KingdomZAIRE-KHENSASA4940.8¢ 
United KingdomZAIRE-Mobile5834.5¢ 
United KingdomZAMBIA2847.0¢ 
United KingdomZAMBIA-Mobile8822.7¢ 
United KingdomZIMBABWE16612.0¢ 
United KingdomZIMBABWE-Mobile6630.3¢ 
United KingdomZIMBABWE-z Moible ECONET5735.1¢ 



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