Pinless Setup Instructions for Panda Positive Rechargeable Master Phone Card
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Different phone cards use different ways for pinless setting. The phone cards in the following support pinless calling.

Card Pinless Setup Instructions

Panda Positive Rechargeable Master

Pinless Setup Instruction
1. Dial a local access number ( or a Toll-Free access number )
2. To setup the phone in use: enter the PIN number, press # 15 # # after you hear the instruction.
3. To setup other phones: Enter the PIN number, press # 15 # + the phone number needs to tie up + #, for example: # 15 # 13232809118 #
4. To cancel the pinless setup: press # 16 # # after voice prompt.
This function can not be used if the phone's caller ID is blocked. To unblock a caller ID, dial *82 then access number

You may also check the Recharge instructions for this Panda Positive Rechargeable Master phone card.

Pinless calling - how does it work?

Remembering and entering your PIN# every time you make a long distance phone call is now a thing of the past. You only have to take a few minutes to input your home number, office number, your cell phone number or any number that you will call from. Our system can automatically assign your PIN# to as many as five phone numbers. Once you have completed this simple set up, our system will recognize your PIN# and let you place call without entering your PIN#. Just enter a speed dial access number and your destination number. That is all it takes to get connected.

For information about rechargeable minutes, please check How to recharge phone card.


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