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Payment Detail:
  Product: A Day A Call Phone Card
  Quantity: 5
  Unit Price: $10.00 - $0.00 = $10.00
  Total: $10.00 * 5 = $50.00
  Your Coupon Saving: This card does not accept coupon$0.00 () Use different Coupon

Please note: because of hidden charges and the daily maintenance fee of $0.25 applied after first usage, this card is best used for one single call. All minutes should be consumed quickly, within one or two days. Otherwise, the advantage of this aggressively priced card will be lost. If you cannot use this card as described above, please choose different card which better suits your needs.

Pay By Credit Card

If your credit card is issued by a non-USA bank, please use the Paypal service to make payment.

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Instant Delivery:Your phone card PIN is sent immediately to your email if you are a returning customer or when your information is verified by our system. To access your PIN after making a payment, go to our website and login at My Account. If, however, your billing information does not immediately pass our security verification system, your order's status will be pending. In this case we will call you to verify your order. You may receive a call within ten minutes of placing your order, but occasionally it may take up to four hours.

Paypal Payment: For verification purposes, we may mail the actual, printed phone card to the address given through Paypal


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