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 Q: Am I charged a higher rate if I make calls to a cell phone outside of the USA?

Yes. Most of the phone cards have much higher rate for calling to cell phone, but using eCallChina phone cards to call mainland China and Hong Kong cell phone are the exception. Most of our phone cards have the same rate to call both cell phone and land-lines on mainland China and Hong Kong.

Most phone card issuing companies don't release their cell phone rates probably because they update them more frequently. That's why you can't find cell phone rate information for most of the phone cards on our website simply because we don't know the rates at all. This also applies to any other phone card websites.

Please be aware that if it's not listed on our website, cell phone rates could be significantly higher! You can try to call a cell phone but please pay attention to the minutes you will receive announced by the system. If the rate is too high, please hang up and don't continue with the phone call.

 Q: I cannot see the China mobile phone rate. What is the rate for China mobile phone number?
If you cannot find a phone card's rate to China mobile phone, it means the rate to China mobile phone is the same as the rate to China landline phone. The same thing is applied to Hong Kong mobile phone number. However, calling to Taiwan mobile phone is much expensive than to Taiwan landline number.