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 Q: Access number always get a busy signal, cannot get connected

Certain card(s) for Asian countries tend to have such problems during evening or weekend hours. Please try it at a different time, or Contact Us about the problem if it is persist. Please ensure to provide at least one access number so we can check it.

 Q: Call from local access numbers or cell phone

Please refer this section to get more information:

Choose Phone Card --> Calling From Local Access Numbers

Choose Phone Card --> Calling From Cell Phone

 Q: How to find my access numbers?

Access Numbers can be found in a number of different ways. On the product page of each card, you can find the main access number with a link to additional access numbers and access numbers in additional languages. Additionally, when you order a card, you will receive a confirmation email with the main access number included and a link to additional access numbers. You can also find the access numbers from your order history. Please keep in mind different phone cards have different access numbers.

 Q: I cannot find local access numbers in my area. What should I do?
Local access numbers are not available anywhere in the USA. If you cannot find a local access number in your local area, and you do not have a cell phone which has bulk or unlimited off-peak minutes, then you have to call from toll free access numbers.
 Q: The access number not available
The phone card issuing company may be doing a system upgrade, or experiencing temporary downtime. If this problem presist, please Contact Us.
 Q: What does local access mean?

Local access means that instead of using a toll free number to dial into our system to place a call, you dial a local number in your area code. Many of our phone cards have local access numbers. If your phone card offers local access, please use a local access number to get the most minutes possible out of your card. If a local access number is not available in your city, you can also use our toll free number.

For more information about local access number, please check Calling From Local Access Numbers.

 Q: What is the difference between local access and toll free access?

Local access numbers are the phone numbers in your area in which you can use your phone card. Typically, these numbers carry no long distance charges which make the calling rates for local access numbers cheaper. That is, you can get more minutes from your phone card by using a local access number. However, during heavy usage periods (like holidays), these numbers can be overloaded.

Toll free access numbers are the phone numbers that start with 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-866, etc. By using a toll free number, you are charged a slightly higher rate because your phone call is routed using the least busy line. Therefore, you have slightly fewer minutes but usually have less busy signals from the toll free access number.

 Q: Will you add local access numbers in my area?
We always encourage phone card issuing company to add as many local access numbers as possible. The processing for adding local access numbers usually takes very long time.